Any thoughts on the Julia bag?

  1. Hello Kooba fans..
    I'm pretty new to the Kooba brand but the styles online really appeal to me. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to see any in person yet. I'm eyeing the Julia as my next bag for Spring (see pic).. any thoughts on this bag?
    Has anyone seen this color IRL? does it look the same? I'm just hoping it's a real stone color and not too pinkish

  2. That bag is super cute. I wonder ... if the straps have to be unattached to get into those 2 little pockets or if there is a hidden button snap underneath the pocket flap.

    if you had to unattach the strap to get into those pockets ... I'd probably never use the pockets. But it is supercute.
  3. I have never seen the bag IRF. But I have always admired it. The Angie too. I like them. Go for it cute cute cute!
  4. I have this bag in beige python - I got it this summer at the sample sale - I really like it a lot and can't wait to use it actually! I'm a big fan of it :smile:
  5. Are you able to use the outside pockets? do they have magnetic closures for easy opening?
  6. that's what i would like to know too
  7. I think it is a cute style, never seen IRL though. I wonder about the pockets.
  8. I will check my bag and will let you know how the pockets work.
  9. I just bought the Julia in black python from Bluefly. This is my first Kooba purchase, after months of watching, stalking and drooling. :yahoo: I will check it when it arrives and report back on the pockets, versatility, etc.
  10. Danielle, Did you ever get your Julia? How do you like it?
  11. The Julia arrived, and I LOVE HER! :love: Here is the scoop on the exterior pockets:

    There are 4 of them on the exterior, 2 on each side, and they have magnetic closures. The buttons on top of the pockets are for decoration and have nothing to do with the functionality of the pockets. I took some pictures... take a look at the 3rd pic, and you'll see what I mean about the pockets.

    koobajulia1.JPG koobajulia2.JPG koobajulia3.JPG koobajulia4.JPG koobajulia5.JPG

    I took her for a spin yesterday, and she was very comfy on the shoulder. I am in love with the python... so edgy!

    I have a somewhat silly question--- since this is my first Kooba, and I've heard that all Koobas have a lilac interior, I am concerned that my Julia has brown lining. Is that OK?
  12. Hi, Lilac lining was last season, everything in the new line has brown lining. she is really beautiful. thanks for reporting about the pockets. I asked the question again in the pic thread before I saw that the answer was here.
  13. Dyannek, thanks for clarifying about the lining! There's so much more I need to learn about Kooba, and this forum helps tremendously. :flowers: