Any thoughts on the French Purse wallet?

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  1. I am thinking about getting the French Purse in mono. I like its size and the way it is organised inside. It is not too bulky but has plenty of space, and I could use it with both my big and small bags.

    I would like to hear from you who own it in order to get a better picture.

    Is there anything you don't like about it? Does it have any flaws I should be aware of?

  2. The FP wallet is my favorite smaller wallet --- I've had 3 of them over the years - mono, white MC and black MC. It's a great small wallet - love the kiss-lock clasp on the coin section.
  3. I love the clasp, it looks so vintage and ladylike :smile:

    I find the size perfect. I'm currently using the Emily wallet and while I like it, I find it a bit too big.
  4. Thanks for asking Frenchie-I'm curious too!
  5. I have owned FP in Vernis rose pop and amarante- adore it- feminine but holds a ton!
  6. i have a Mno French wallet and I use it on my Eva and crossbody bags :smile:
  7. Had the french purse in epi and retired it last year - would have re-purchased but they didn't have any in stock. :sad: Still my best wallet ever, am going to send it for a good cleaning so i can use it again.
    Love the layout, roomy without the bulk
    External coin purse is great
    Twist clasp tends to chip my nail
  8. Thank you all for the responses.

    Can you put paper/cards in the sections under the cc slots? The sections seem a bit tight on the new wallets I looked at in the boutique.

    Another question: does it age well? I've seen a few in epi on Ebay and they look pretty bad. I don't baby my stuff but I can't imagine destroying it like that. I wonder if the owners were rough with their wallets or is it the case that epi end us in a bad condition after a while. I will definitely get it in canvas, I find it lasts longer.
  9. I can. Probably it gets better with some use. My french wallet has been used a few years and still looks pretty good. However mine is Damier ebene which is pretty sturdy anyway I guess. With Epi I am sorry, I have no experience as I never bought anything from that line as I don't want that crickling I saw on some photos.
  10. I own two and have really enjoyed them. They're a nice size for everyday use and don't take up too much space in your bag. I like the fact that you can get to your coins easily without having to fuss with zippers. Good luck deciding!
  11. I have the mono version. After 3 years the glazing chipped and part of the canvas lifted up. Also it seemed a little heavy because of the hardware but I loved it when I was using it.
  12. Own it. Love it!
    4 yrs, non-stop usage. Mine is in Mono, looks near perfect! No glaze chipping, no canvas lifting, however a pocket inside edge had a thread loose.
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    Thank you ladies, this has been very helpful. I think that I now just have to decide if it will be a mono or DE. :smile: I'm glad this wallet has a few fans here since it seems that most people prefer long wallets these days. I like the idea of a big wallet that fits everything in it, but I often swap my bags and don't feel like changing wallets all the time so it can fit in a small bag. I think this wallet will be just perfect!

  14. Good to hear that.

    BTW, just had a look at your blog. Enjoy the adventure! I've been an expat for 10 years now and I have to say that I like it :cool:
  15. Generally epi is pretty durable and hardwearing. The trouble with epi, I guess, is that it can chip (if let's say you throw your wallet together with your keys etc.) and once it chips (esp if it is against the epi grain), it is pretty obvious.