Any thoughts on the Emerson Phoebe bag?

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  1. Verrry pretty bag! :smile: Love the quilted detailing and the bit of chain strap!
  2. I love the way it looks. Very much like the Gold Coast Maryanne released a few years ago minus the plastic ring reinforcing the strap that made that back a dealbreaker for me. I only wish the quilting on the Phoebe is more plush like the Maryanne. But, im thinking about hunting one down in Mulled Wine.
  3. Gorgeous bag in my opinion. I love quilted bags, so I may be a bit biased, lol.
  4. I own a pink one of this with a slight orange undertone.
    It's a little bit awkward to wear on the shoulders, but its great if you are the type of person that wears things on the crook of your arm. It's nice and roomy.

    It is semi-open though, there's a zipper for more important things like wallet and keys. But if it rains, make sure you don't have documents in there that have not been sealed by a water proof document protector.

    Great style though and great for people that carry a lot of things. It doesn't come with a longer strap.