Any thoughts on the Ancora loafer?

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Which would you pick?

  1. Oz mule

  2. Ancora loafer

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day~

    I went in to try on some shoes and came across the Ancora loafers new for this season. What I really want is the Oz mule in a loafer. I love the look of the Oz as well as the color, but I just don’t think I can pull off a mule (seems too trendy and too casual). I think I look like I’m just shuffling around in my house slippers?!

    Anyway I wanted your opinions on the Oz mule or the Ancora loafers. The Ancora is suuuuper soft and thin, it was hard to put on without a shoe horn if I didn’t want to completely crush the back. But because it’s such a soft leather, it felt like I was wearing nothing. So comfortable. It does give me pause bc I think it won’t be very durable... but oh so comfy! Can you help me decide?!

    If you own the Oz mule, what are your thoughts? Does it slip off? Do you recommend?

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  2. Both look lovely on you. I tried on the Ancora before, and I know exactly what you mean about the soft leather. They each have a different look to them though, and really depends on what you want - the shape of the Ancora makes it more masculine and the Oz is more feminine since it's more narrow. Truly a hard choice, but if you're worried about soft leather of the Ancora, I would go with the Oz!
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  3. Thanks for your input~~
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  4. I bought the ancora in black, wore them twice, and am going back for the other color. They are the best part of Hermes: so far under the radar that it is the tailoring and quality of the product that makes them super chic. I love that they don’t have hardware.
    I have the Paris loafers and the classic Gucci loafers (and the Gucci mules), but still found a place for these.
    If you like a shoe with the Kelly lock, there are sandal options, including current styles, that would fit the bill.