Any thoughts on Sienna?? Pics please!

  1. I'm contemplating on getting Sienna(either City or Work), but not sure if it's too similar to my 06FW Truffle City.

    I really like it on the pic BalNY has sent to cate22(I think, sorry if I'm wrong!)....a beautiful antique, rusty brown, but on some pics, it's almost identical to my Truffle:confused1:

    Post your Sienna in here, or tell me your thoughts on this color:rolleyes:
    Any input will be greatly appreciated:heart:
  2. I would love to see some more pictures of this color too! I think that it has looked beautiful in everything that I have seen posted, but decided to go for the cinnamon instead. I don't think as many people have gotten this color yet . . .
  3. Why did you decide against it?? I'm just curious..... Cinnamon is gorgeous, but it's too similar to my 07 Cafe:p
    People seem to love this color, but haven't heard much about Sienna....
  4. I think the Sienna may be too similar in tone to get it in the same style as your truffle (no need to have two brown cities), but if you get it in a work, it won't matter.
  5. I have to say that I think Sienna is very different from Truffle. It doesn't look very brown. It's very RUST. I have seen it in person in both the Day and the City. I will post photos of the Day in a moment.
  6. Pics of Sienna Day.
    DSC05589.JPG DSC05591.JPG
  7. I agree with HGbags too, I've seen Sienna in real life and its a flat rust colour.
  8. Hi tooshies...was this the pic that you had in mind?


    I love the color on this as well, and had a tough, tough time deciding between this and the cinnamon. But like iluvhandbags, I ultimately went with cinnamon instead. I prefer "cooler" toned bags, and just thought that it would go more w/my wardrobe. But, I think sienna is a lovely, warm rusty brown. (If I could swing it, I would've tried to get both!) :graucho: Just judging from the pics I've seen here, I don't think it resembles truffle at all. Truffle, to me, is a darker, brownish-olive color.
    Good luck on your decision!! If you decide to get sienna, I'll look forward to seeing your pics! :tup:
  9. I love this color. Thanks for posting pics of your Day, hgbags! This color would be gorgeous with GH in a Work.
  10. Cracker, if you were doing GH in this color, would you go with silver?
  11. I'd really have to see them both in person. I've envisioned this bag for the past month in gold GH but I think it might look really edgy with the silver. Something about going against the tone of the bag looks really cool. Kind of like Anthracite with gold. I like how the cool tone of Anthra contrasts with the GH. This bag may get the same effect with silver since it's a warm colored bag. Of course, this is all hypothetical since I really am on a ban.
  12. Thanks everyone for input and pics!!

    Do you know which pics(Erica's or cate22's) accurately represent the color?? Because in Erica's pics(thanks, Erica!! You're a star:heart:), it seems more brown...I don't see any rust/red in it. Perhaps the lighting??

    If the bag actually look like the pic cate22(thanks, girlie:heart: that's the one I was talking about!), I really want it...:drool:

    Here's my dilemma. I've got 6 brown bags(03SS Mastic First, 03FW Olive Brown City & WE, 04FW Marron Twiggy, 06FW Truffle City, 07SS Cafe Work) and I'm not sure if I can justify yet another brown bag! Or should I wait for SS08 for lighter neutral??
  13. I wish I knew, toosh. I really like it has a great vintage look to it. And I think it will age exceptionally well. :heart:
  14. Thanks, sweetie:cutesy: The bag looks GORGEOUS in this pic.....exactly the color I love! But have you seen IRL?? I wonder if this accurately represents the color....:confused1:
  15. I haven't seen it yet, irl. Maybe REREsaurus can give us some feedback when she sees this post. She has the First.