Any thoughts on Revolve Clothing?

  1. I want to buy some True Religion jeans from Revolve. My dad didn't know if the site was legit or not, so I decided to email True Religion. This is what they sent me back:

    Dear True Religion Brand Jeans Online Customer,

    We appreciate your concern regarding the authenticity of one of our
    products. We assure you that all merchandise purchased through
    our online store is legitimate & authentic.

    We cannot, however, extend the same guarantee should you encounter
    a questionable product purchased elsewhere.

    We have been getting hundreds of complaints from customers who have
    purchased on eBay (or other auction/web sites) only to find later
    that they had purchas
    ed inferior, counterfeit product.

    To be sure that you're not buying a counterfeit product, we suggest
    you shop on our website or from one of our authorized retailers.

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Service
    True Religion Online

    This doesn't even answer my question. Revolve Clothing isn't mentioned on their site at all. So tell me- how are your experiences with Revolve Clothing?
    Thank you!
  2. They are legit-out of the LA area. I ordered a Goldenbleu handbag and it was not a fake.:p
  3. totally legit. great site, great service, great prices. i've order from them practically weekly
  4. free shipping without any codes!
  5. just got my gorgeous Kooba bag from them today!
  6. They are great! I have bought alot from them.
  7. i love their 2 day shipping and they are very prompt!! they usually have some good coupon codes out there too and as far as i know everything is auth.
  8. I love revolve! Thanks to this forum I was introduced to the site and have been a fan ever since!
  9. They are legit!! i also bought a beautiful Kooba bag from them and they ship quickly too. I think it took two days to get to me!!
  10. I LOVE Revolve..they were the one and only place I ever found my Primp lollipop hoodie.
  11. yea i love revolve too. they're the best! they also have really great customer service.
  12. Definitely legit. Order from them all the time and have had no problems.
  13. i love revolve!
  14. My favorite online store for jeans.
  15. I agree with everyone. They are legit & definitely my favorite store for jeans.