Any thoughts on Rebecca Minkoff bags?

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  1. I recently discovered Rebecca Minkoff bags and I really like them. She has a new Matinee bag coming out, which I really like. Any thought's on her bags?
  2. They look wonderful on-line and my goal is to see them IRL as soon as possible!
  3. I'm addicted to RM's bags. Her Morning After, simply put, will be an icon (if not already). It's so simple, different, classy, lasts forever. I feel like I can take bag out of the closet today, next month and 4 years from now. And RM over-do herself each time she designs a new bag.

    I'm a registrant at and was told that a pre-order on the Matinee is coming....yummmy!!!! From what I see, it's HOT HOT HOT.

    In the closet:
    Morning After in Choco
    Morning After in White/white perf
    Hobo in Dark Choco
  4. I learned about RM through a press release that was sent to me at work. I write for a luxury Web site and always enjoy writing for our fashion page. Anyways, I checked her out, loved her, and wrote a story. And guess what? I made my first RM purchase today at the sample sale. I got a royal tote. Yay!
  5. Love! My only concern is that the Morning After might be a little too trendy, what with Colie on "Real World" carrying it around and all. But what I love is that instead of resting on that one style, she's built a really interesting collection.

    The new stuff looks awesome, and I'm psyched for my navy tote. The girl sure can throw a sample sale! :tup:
  6. I really like them, but considering that I found out the fact that they use to cost significantly less makes me want to only get it when I can find a deal - and darn I missed out on the Delcina deal!
  7. I plan on getting a RM one day. I almost decided on a Mini Morning after but thought it might be a little plain for my taste. Beautiful bag though.
  8. I have the Morning After Mini coming in the mail today, so I like them. :P

    I think the Morning After and its little sister are classic yet stylish.
  9. ^I agree. That's the way I dress, so I think the morning after is perfect for me. I plan to use it as more of a travel/school bag because of its size. The chocolate I ordered is arriving tomorrow. I hope the color is as rich in person as it is online!
  10. That's interesting that the prices went up a lot. You all should seriously check out the sample sale. I got a tote at half price.
  11. Do those with the MA and mini-MA primarily carry it by hand over the arm? I tried each of them on over the shoulder and found the mini to be comfortable (without a coat) the regular MA to be too deep to feel comfortable.
  12. I got caught in the rain with my morning after in chocolate... I am pleased to say the leather held up wonderfully and there is absolutely no sign of water drops on the bag.
  13. That's good to know that it'll withstand rain. I wish mine would arrive already!! It's been a week!!
  14. I just received my MA bag from the sample sale in navy. I like the color and the size of the bag is great, but I wish you could wear it over the shoulder. It won't go over your shoulder if you have a coat on.