Any thoughts on LV Coussin?

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  1. Since I'm trying to decide on the Cabas Piano and Damier Parioli for my mom, I wonder if I should get a bag for myself too :biggrin:

    I like the Coussin GM because it's different....I also heard that they might have the Coussin PM some time this year too (it's east-west).

    Anyone have one and what are the rants/raves?

  2. are there any pics online for these bags...I am not familiar with these.....:weird:
  3. This is the Damier Parioli :

    And this is the Cabas Piano:


    And this is the Coussin GM:

  4. Love Them
  5. the coussin GM is my style
  6. i always love the coussin gm..
  7. the coussin is so nice...i really wanted that, but then the popincourt haut came out and i got that instead.
  8. i love the coussin!
  9. I have a coussin and I love it:biggrin: The thin double straps are very comfortable (honestly, sometimes one slips off my shoulder) and the shape if very flattering. I get a lot of compliments! It actually holds a lot because the shape is "puffy". I love the pillow shape! I'm so surprised I don't see people with it more often. Maybe the shape looks weird and people feel it won't hold much. I still highly recommended it;)
  10. I love the size, I think it's perfect for my frame (I'm petite). about a Damier Coussin?!!!!;)
  11. I'm on the petite side, too. :weird: Did you say damier coussin?
    :nuts: That sounds beautiful!!!!!
  12. The Coussin looks really nice!
  13. Wow, I think I'm the lone dissenter. I agree that the Coussin looks very unique, and I know that it is inspired by the pillow (so I heard), but I feel like if you carry it, you really might as well just carry a pillowcase and call that a bag. :weird:
  14. I have some swanky pillowcases, but none as nice as that Coussin!
    I LOVE that!
  15. I was personally saving up to get the Coussin a while back. I think I used that $ for a trip instead. But I say go for it!