Any thoughts on L.A.M.B. bags?

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm on the hunt for a new purse for fall that is dark brown in color. I'm starting law school in August so at that point my funds will be extremely limited thus my shopping will be limited to ramen noodles and milk so I'm trying to pick one up now so I won't be worrying about it later, because I would be. Anyway, I've been looking at some of the L.A.M.B. satchels and I wondered if anyone had one and what their thoughts were on it? I'm 21, to be 22 in Sept, so I want something a little younger looking but wearable for a few years. Also, any other ideas are appreciated. I know I'm looking for a satchel or something non-hobo in style and dark brown, with budget around or under $500. I was also looking at the Botkier Bianca, any thoughts, ideas, suggestions??
    TIA!! :confused1:
  2. I personally :heart: L.A.M.B. (see pic of my closet!). They are really chic and sophisticated with a rocker edge. I'd go for a Montego Bowler in 'Saddle', which ranges for around $565 but should be on sale @ select Nordstrom's around mid July. They also have it at :tup:

    The Fall collection is also going to include a Cheetah print, a Black 'signature' print and several new styles in a deep rich chocolate brown buttery leather. So you might want to wait until you see those too! They are fab! ;)

    I'm posting pics for you that I took at my local Nordies!!!!
    CHEETAH.JPG 003.jpg lambcheetah.jpg 001.jpg lambcheetah.jpg 004.jpg
  3. i've seen the lamb bags irl and i think i'm more partial to other bags like hayden harnett...the leather is gorgeous on them and they come in tons of might want to check other "lamb" threads on the forum because i know people have given a bit of feedback on them!
  4. Thanks MissNovember!! First of all your collection is lovely, I am quite envious! Secondly, thanks for posting the pics and for your opinion. The new bags look sooo good, the mettalic black is very striking. I love the stripes on her bags, they make such a bold yet tasteful statement and breaks things up. I'll have to wait for the deep browns, they sound lovely. If the white with navy love venezia satchel goes on sale I may have to pick that up first, I've been eyeing it for soo long!
  5. The pics really don't do them justice, as the black signature in person is sooooooooooo much prettier! Here is a sneak peek at the new chocolate collection too....they are delicious!

    If you want to scoop up the Venezia, call or check Nordstrom online around July 11th! That's when my sa told me lots of L.A.M.B.'s will be going on sale! :yahoo:
  6. i don't have alamb bag yet, but i've seen them in the store and they look/feel great.

    you said your looking for brown, so lamb has the saddle bags, the stone bags, the chocolate/navy bags(check out eluxury), and their coming out with new brown bags for fall. Here is apic of the bags coming out for fall: