Any thoughts on De Beers for buying diamonds?

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  1. I'm still on a search for a diamond tennis bracelet. Does anyone have experiences or thoughts on buying diamond jewelry from De Beers?
  2. My general opinion is no but the magnitude of my no depends on why you want to buy De Beers.

    If you want to buy De Beers because of the design/style then my no is rather weak but tennis bracelet is generic...

    However if it is because of the name, then a BIG NOOOOOOOOOO! :upsidedown: De Beers is a rip off because it's an LVMH run subsidiary getting diamonds from DTC (Diamond Trading Company - the sales arm of De Beers, the mining company) and then stick a higher price tag on it.

    If you really want De Beers diamonds, buy Hope diamonds (a brand which is distributed directly by DTC to smaller jewellers) which is much cheaper for exactly the same quality. This is not comparable to issue of Tiffany's vs. Bluenile because this is De Beers vs. rip off De Beers!

    P.S. For tennis bracelet, my personal preference (which is not very relevant, LOL because I have no interest in one) is to go for a generic one from small brands or even better, good quality independent jewellers because this isn't like a Cartier Caresse d'Orchidées or VC&A Folie des Prés which can't be copied.
  3. NO. All you would be paying for is the name. The vast majority of the world's diamonds are from debeers anyway so it's not like you are getting any special diamonds from them that you can't get from any good jeweler. Being in the industry, I don't have very high opinions of debeers to begin with but their "designer" pieces and branded dimonds are a pet peeve for me.

    There are literally thousands of designs of tennis bracelets so unless it's a VERY specific style you are going to be able to find it from a good, local, independent jeweler.
  4. aren't like 99% of the worlds diamonds mined by DeBeers anyway?
  5. Thanks for your thoughts!!! I'll have to review the designs that I want.
  6. Yes, that's true. They have a cartel and regulate almost all the diamond production in the world.
  7. False :p, it is only about 40%.

    (Reference: De Beers Group - Introduction and Profile)