Any thoughts on CC Skye?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a purse by CC Skye. I love the soft leather and how you can take the chains off and wear them as bracelets but I don't think the quality and name is worth $600. Does anyone have any purses by them or experience to share your thoughts?

  2. pics??
  3. seem too fake ..
  4. I loved the bracelets and have one, but just didn't fall in love with the purses. However my bracelet has held up well for about a year now under pretty heavy rotation.
  5. It depends on how much you like their leather chain bracelets, which are around $200 each, and I think you get two of those with most of their bags. If you pay $600 for a bag and get 2 bracelets, you're only really paying $200 for the bag itself.

    I have a CC Skye bracelet, but didn't really like their bags enough to justify spending that much when all I wanted was the one bracelet.
  6. Fengjunk had them on sale for a decent price... also saw them on sale at

    it's def. not worth 600 to me, but on sale, maybe it's worth it
  7. I really like their bracelets, but their bags aren't worth it.
  8. I've seen a couple of bags and wasn't impressed with the leather. Materials didn't justify the price IMO.
  9. I think they are cute
  10. I think they are cute, too, but the leather on the bags I saw this evening was stiff and the hardware looked cheap. Of course the bag was over $600.
  11. I don't think I've ever seen any.