Any thoughts about

  1. I just ordered from there and I know people on the LV and Hermes forums have ordered on this site...just curious about past experiences? FREE shipping through FedEx - price of item already takes into factor shipping - BONUS! Any thoughts?

    So many great DEALS on this site!!!
  2. I have ordered with them twice and have a great experience both times. Ordered a bag Tuesday and got it yesterday! Love them!
  3. You're sure they sell authentic bags? The prices seem to be too good...:confused1:
  4. Several ladies have ordered from them in Hermes subforum. Many are big fans and really love the customer service. I have never heard of a fake Hermes coming out of there yet. I wish you well! Let us know how it turns out for you.
  5. :yahoo: Wow! Great website!! Thanx for the tip! :heart: Emmy
  6. Just out of curiosity, they're selling B. bags, are those authentic?