Any thoughts about Plume bags?

  1. There are other styles out there besides the Birkin,Kelly, Trim and Bolide:flowers: Right at the moment I thinking about the Plume which comes in several sizes and at least two variations. One is the squared off edge and the other is the Plume Elan with the more rounded corners. Does anyone have a Plume (or not) and care to share some thoughts?
  2. Hi gracekelly,i would love to know more about the plume I have 3 birkins and a kelly plus vespa and picotin and am ready to take the plunge into something new ....Are they very dressy ..........are they light to hold?:smile:
  3. That's a good question. This is the one style I don't own as yet;) My guess is that it is about equal to a Kelly of similar size if it is done in leather. I have seen them in box and togo and toile. The toile should be the lightest. Oh and croc too!:flowers:
  4. Does somebody have pictures of regular plume vs plume elan? I am confused..:tispy: thx....:heart::heart:
  5. has an Elan in croc and a travel bag in the reg. stye. You can see the difference in the corners.
  6. I love Plumes and would love to own one someday. They had a small one at the SF Hermes yesterday that looked like lizard? So pretty! :love: I would love to have one in orange.:girlsigh:
  7. Thanks GraceKelly! I was under the impression it's about the height or depth of the bag..didn't know it's the corners! :jammin::jammin:
  8. The Plume is a bag I hope to own one day the 28cm size I think.....Check out the one Sofibella has for sale right's beautifull!!!!!!
  9. The Plume is the next bag I plan to buy. I think it is such an elegant bag. I love the simplicity of the bag.
  10. Fesdu, the Plume Elan is the rectangular version. I have a mini-Plume and absolutely adore it! It's in black box and I use it as an evening bag.
  11. the height does have something to do with it...

    thank you Hermesgroupie:love::love:
  12. I would describe it as an elongated, rectangular mini-Plume.
  13. Here's a pic of a Plume Elan (black Box). It doesn't have feet like the regular Plumes and is more streamlined. It's 28cm wide.

  14. whoa..what a beauty! I had to catch my breath to take a good look at it! :nuts:
  15. Thank you, a picture is worth a thousand...Looks so beautiful:flowers: