Any thoughts about color transfer on light colored Epi leather bags?

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  1. I am going to purchase a new bag next week,and I am considering getting the beautiful Cluny bb.

    My whole bag collection consists of black,dark blue and mono bags. So now I am considering getting the Cluny in the light color Dune. But I am really worried about color transfer,since I mostly wear black clothes and/or dark blue jeans.. I don't have any bags in the epi leather,only a small agenda. To me it seems like epi is really durable and maybe not get color transfer that easily.?
    Has anyone of you any experiences and thoughts about this? Should I just go safe and black,as I usully do?!? Will be so grateful for any feedback! 🙂
  2. A friend of mine had a zippy coin purse in Ivory (I think that's the name), so basically cream, and it ended up looking hideous, greysh-black. Of course a bag is different since you don't hold it like a wallet all the time, but I think it is a sad fact that light colours are more prone to colour transfer and dirt. I wanted to purchase some SLGs in Rose Ballerine, but my SA advised me against it, also against the Rose Ballerine Alma.
  3. Thank you so much for your input!
    Yes, I already suspected that color transfer will be an issue.. :sad: So probably I will add another black bag to mye collection ;)
  4. Dark jeans would definitely be an issue as the bag rubbing against them would pick up colour transfer.

  5. Wash clothes in vinegar to help set dye.
  6. Thank you for your replies!

    I do rinse my clothes in vinegar to set the color. But even so I am worried about color transfer.. Don´t know if it is worth buying such an expensive bag, and risk to get it stained by my clothes :sad:
  7. Yes, I guess so.

  8. If it worries you I wouldn't. You won't have any fin with the bag if you have to constantly check it.
  9. I know! Will probably go for a black one, even though I would really like to take a walk on the wild side and get a light color :roflmfao:

  10. A light color would be great, but you have to commit to light colored clothes and that can be hard to do.

  11. I do wear lighter colors in the spring and summer,but I do love my blue jeans ;)
    And I want a bag that I can use all seasons. So I guess this means that dark it is!
  12. I have an Epi bag in citron so light in color and I've had no color transfer whatsoever and I use it with dark jeans/ clothing regularly. Since it's epi, I've been able to wipe any dirt off with a baby wipe.

  13. Thank you for your reply.!
    I went to the LV store in Amsterdam,and tried on the Cluny in many lovely colors. But I didn't buy it,because I didn't think it looked good on me..
    So I am now considering getting the neverful in epi, but really not sure which color... Decisions,decisions