Any teachers here carry Chanel to school?

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  1. Just curious as I'm returning to work in September! I'll be in a "safe" suburban district if such thing even exists in this day and age. But is a Chanel kind of silly to carry back and forth from school? Maybe I should save for evenings and weekends. Anyone teach on this forum and what do you bring to work? Thanks!
  2. Life is too short to save fine bags for only special occasions!! Just make sure you have a safe place to lock it up when you must leave the classroom. (Former teacher and now an RN). I carry my Chanels and Louis Vuitton, YSL to work. I hate that I have to lock it up in a locker and can't see it all day
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  3. I would not.
    Imo, this situation invites more problems than benefits.
    Teaching is about giving to others. Being aware of situations. Being appropriate.
    Not worrying about one's bag all day.
  4. 2 opposite but very good points!
  5. I say enjoy it and wear it everywhere!
  6. If you can lock it in a safe place - yes! If not - no. I work with unemployed kids so I'm very careful about safety (and you never know, even the good kids might steal it). Safety first!
  7. I think it depends on the school. But yes, I have brought mine (GST) to school (private school). I know some other teachers (not many) carry Gucci, LV, etc. When I first started there I think people were a little surprised that I "dressed up" but the kids loved it and eventually people got used to it. Maybe you should test out the work environment first and see if it would be acceptable. Some people can be catty and you may not want to deal with the comments. If the kids are affluent then I think it's ok. On a side note, my high school History teacher used to carry her Birkin to work everyday.
  8. Yes, and I would treat it as any other bag. As you said, you will be teaching in a safe district, and I would think that most people do not care about the brand of your bags. Enjoy your students and your bags, and try not to worry.
  9. Hi! I'm a NYC high school administrator and I wear Chanel, LV, and Gucci handbags daily. I have my own office and I keep my belongings there. I have noticed that some of my teachers also have high end bags and they secure their belongings during the school day. I think that we don't have any issues wearing our bags because we all drive to work (we have the luxury of having parking at our school) and we do have spaces to secure our belongings. It's also not uncommon to see some students wearing high end clothing and accessories at my school.

    I think that you should wait and experience the school culture in September to see whether wearing a Chanel bag would be okay in that environment.
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  10. Yes I teach a at a very weathly private school where teachers have high and bags and so do parents such as Hermes and Chanel LV etc. I also wear my Love and JUC and so do they. They know the car I drive and the house I live in.
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  11. I've seen some of my kids teachers with canvas LV's (mostly Neverfulls or Speedys) at school but never Chanel. I'd probably keep the Chanel for evenings and weekends mostly because I wouldn't want it to get grubby lol.
  12. I am a teacher and I would never take my Chanels to work. I take a Givenchy Antigona and I even feel a bit self-conscious taking that. Teaching isn't the profession to be flashy in my opinion. Another reason I don't take my Chanels to work is because I would feel they were less special if they were used as work bags.
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  13. I am a doctor and I agree with everything you said!
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  14. I would wait to see what the school environment is like, and see what kind of bags the other teachers use. Even if others are carrying designer bags, a Chanel bag might not be the most practical if you have to carry documents, books, etc. - it might be easier to just carry one larger bag instead of separate bags and a handbag. It might be best to try different bags and determine what works for you :smile:
  15. I have seen some teachers carry Vuitton. But I have never seen teachers or parents carrying a Chanel in this particular school district.
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