any tax saving tips when buying lv?

  1. if purchased from Saks and have it sent to a diff state do they waive the tax? tia

  2. ^^^^^^^

    I believe it's only the Saks store in NYC that is able to waive the tax to other states. This is what 1-866V told me, and I did order a wallet from them, sans tax.
  3. i live in sf and i order most of my lv from hawaii because there's no tax. the tax here in ca is pretty pricey like 8.5% which adds up! so if you go to hawaii, make a purchase or give them your info so that you can make future purchases!
  4. unless you live in Cali or Tennesee, Elux doesn't charge tax
  5. just to clrify, do you mean if you live outside of cali or tennesee, elux won't charge tax?
  6. yea :yes:
  7. psst plus free shipping on eluxury til the end of the month!!!

    happy shopping :smile:

  8. Even if there is a Saks store near you that sells LV they will still ship to you and not charge tax but still shipping? TIA
  9. I say use eluxury... because then you can use a certain online rebate service ;)
  10. no tax if you live in a non-lv state!
  11. OMG I might die if I lived in a non LV state!
  12. They will waive the tax, if there is no Saks store in your state.
  13. I live on the east coast and just had a bag sent from Saks from California. no tax and no shipping charges.

    Eluxury is also a good bit.
  14. tks ladies, i love shopping in america.
  15. ^ What a good idea! :graucho: I hate paying like $60 for tax.