Any Taverniti So Jeans Lovers?

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  1. Are these jeans all the rage on the West Coast?
    Here in NY, I don't hear so much about them....but I think they are really really great!
    I have to pretty much rely on the internet to find them.
    What do you think of this brand?
  2. how do these run in size?
  3. Pretty much true to waist size. I have had some issues where different cuts are much tighter and ones with stretch seem a little looser, but not as bad as the variances I've found with other brands.
  4. I think they are pretty true to size. A little tight for me in the thigh but I have bigger thighs (thanks to genetics and running) so I'm used to it with other brands too (Paige especially).

    I really like the janis cut. Haven't tried any others really but couple of my friends (guys and girls) have them too and they always look good.

    There is a new pair I am in love with on revolve.... must resist urge....
  5. I have a pair-they are a lighter denim & more casual than the dark trouser jeans I normally wear. They are hip, very "Kate Hudson" and they make my legs look 5 miles long. (I am 5 foot 2 inches so this is a big deal for me).
    I like mine but they aren't an every day jean, they are a specific look jean (at least the style I have)
  6. I love my Taverniti Janis Punk jeans. Bloomingdale's had a cute pair in their contemporary catalogue.
  7. they aren't bad jeans, they run tts

    they tend to go for cheap on eBay so i would hesitate spending a lot on them
  8. There are always tons of them at Nordstrom Rack for ~$90. They are lovely and from my experience run tts/small, but I agree that they aren't really an every day jean since they don't look as "clean" as some other denim staple brands.
  9. I've seen these on sale for $40 at Marshalls and I love them..the designs on them are unique and make the jeans look expensive. I've tried them on before and they fit true to size.
  10. love these jeans. great for petites like me. I like their pocket detail (2 pockets in 1..don't really know how to describe it) unlike other premium denim brands that keep flashing their logo (Rock and Republics).

    I also find that the denim material itself is quite nice and thick. I'm not too fond of thin denim which rips easily (i.e. Joe's)