Any Tambura bag owners?

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  1. C6F79AC0-9CF9-48A2-96A4-E073894CCEF8.jpeg I was trying to get info/reviews on this bag but couldn’t locate any. Looking for some feedback/ pros and cons before I decide if I shall go for it (while it’s still around). How’s the wear/tear - does the shape hold up or becomes very sloughish over time? Is the opening easy to get things in and out? Is it more spacious compare to the nodini (pillow) bag?
    Any feedback would be appreciated thanks!!
  2. I don't recall that anybody here that has mentioned that they own a Tambura. I would like to see this in person, because I am not sure how the width looks against the body. I've always liked the zip top bags that have the 2 zippers as pictured. To me, the shape looks like a tote and a bucket bag had a baby. I hope someone does chime in that has had a chance to handle this bag.
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  3. Here’s a link to a the PurseBlog’s review:
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  4. After trying it on in the shop in Rome WAY back when in Dec 2018, I noticed it on sale at farfetch and just pulled the trigger. I loved it then, but I hate buying expensive things on holiday. I don't impulse buy well. Nearly 1.5 years after first seeing it, and over a year since trying it on, in a few days, it will be mine! :happydance::happydance:
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  5. After several lousy days of rainy weather and the requisite sickness that comes with it at this time of year, my lovely tambura finally has a chance to make its debut.

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  6. Pretty bag! Enjoy
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