Any takers? shoes for less?

  1. That sounds so awesome! I like how they're making trendier shoes without raising the prices so much.

    Maybe this belongs in the Glass Slipper instead of the General forum?
  2. My gripe with Payless shoes has nothing to do with how the store is set up or the style of shoes they sell. It's the QUALITY that I dislike. Sorry PETA, but this shoe 'ho demands only dead cow on her feet!! I can't stand anything but natural materials for my shoes, that's why I'd never buy Stella McCartney's line. ICK! Who wants to pay a small fortune for pretend leather!! :yucky:

    Now if this new store design includes LEATHER shoes, I'll be there in a flash!
  3. I am normally revolted by Payless but I may take a second look if they get cute stuff. I was so tired of the clunky heeled 90's shoes they carried.

  4. Payless sells lots of leather shoes
  5. Hmm, must just be my Payless here, then. I honestly have never seen a single pair of leather shoes in there!
  6. I've heard about this line. My problem is that while the designs look good in pictures I tend to think they're not so nice in person - i.e. I've been disappointed with Target's attempts at having higher-end designers come it. And nice shoes do cost money to make, so I'm just not sure how comfortable these will be.
  7. I`ve never been a fan of Payless but I was once really surprised to see a Marc Jacobs knockoff. It was the exact replica of a pair of shoes that I owned, down to the little bow detail. I`ll be keeping my eyes open but I`m not expecting much.