any suggestions?

  1. My bf and I are driving down to Cary, North Carolina on Friday morning (to pick up speakers that he's buying :rolleyes:) and we're staying there overnight because it's an 8 hour drive from NJ. I think it's near Raleigh...any suggestions of things to do around there? I also hear there are a lot of furniture places in North Carolina...anyone know any good furniture places? Thanks so much for the help ;).
  2. I believe most of the furniture centers are in High Point, NC. A computer search would turn up info for you. Can't help you on Cary--it's a booming area, that's all I know.
  3. That is a looooong drive for some speakers...they don't do delivery. Well have fun. Those speakers better be louder than loud with a sound quality beyond
  4. I drive to my sisters at XMAS every year in raleigh actually only took me 6 1/2 - 7 wasnt too bad a drive..but I have to say there wasnt much in the way of shopping by her..LOL.....(BOONIES!!!)
    Im going to her house on Thanksgiving again..dying to see if they have any decent stores....
  5. hahaha...what can i say, he's a freak...he says they're the best speakers he has heard :rolleyes:. he's actually buying it used from someone for about $2700. brand new it costs $7500, so it's worth the 8 hr drive to save almost $5000.