Any suggestions?

  1. Girls, I am losing hope in ever finding the blue Coffer and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions in what other bag I might find in dark blue? I have been over to the Chanel Forum and find that Chanel has a larger variety of dark blue bags. I really want a bag that will go well with jeans, is soft leather, and has a shoulder strap (preferably a cross-body strap). I am going to take the family to Disneyland for 3 days at the end of August and would love to take a new blue bag with me. Anyone have any suggestions??????:confused1:
  2. So sorry to hear you cant find a blue coffer, I hope one does turn up! What about Balenciaga, I know it isnt everyones cup of tea, but they also do blue bags. Goodluck :smile:
  3. Thank you........Iwill definitely look at them! :okay:
  4. Chloe has some wonderful blue Paddington bags. The leather is TDF.
  5. Have you looked at the plum Coffer? That's actually pretty neutral to my eye, though I've not seen it IRL.
  6. I had actually bought a Paddington a year or so ago and I agree, the leather is TDF!! The only problem I had with it was the weight. OMG it was HEAVY with that padlock on it. As it is, I stuff my bags full of everything I can think of right now and then the added weight is just too much for me. Thanks for the suggestion though. :yes:
  7. You know, I have been struggling with the idea of that Plum Coffer. Not sure if I love the color. I think that I will wait to see it IRL. I'm beginning to think that I need to venture out of the "Coffer World" that I have lived in lately. Had my eye on a navy suede Dior Cannage from BGs today. Not sure about suede but the price was really good. Also thinking about the Chanel line. They have some navy bags as well. I just don't know alot about Chanel and it seems that Saks, NAP, BG or NM don't list them on-line. Don't know why...................:confused1: