Any suggestions?

  1. Hi everyone! I am new to the purse forum; first off let me say that I am a purse fanatic and I could definitely use everyone's help in my next purse purchase. I am going to Las Vegas next week and am wanting to buy a purse over there-yay for the awesome stores in Caesar's Palace! :smile: I have a budget of about $700-800 dollars. Does anyone have any suggestions of a particular purse in that range? I've been looking at some LV's and Gucci, but was wanting some more ideas since this will be the first purse I've spent over $450 on. I've always carried Coach for the most part. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  2. What kind of bags do you like? Any particular styles that you're drawn to? Monogram or not?

    You may want to consider the LV Batignolles Horizontal - it's only $710, and it's a great bag!
  3. I really like the classic looking bags, you know something that I can carry everyday and that won't go out of the LV the canvas and multicolore are my 2 favorite styles. Same for Gucci-classic! I'll check that bag out right now!
  4. The LV speedy is a true classic, and a must have IMO. It's even less than the BH ($625 for the 30 size), but handheld only. I also really like the new Neverfull line and the bags in the Batignolle line.

    Gucci has some nice bags, too, but I'm partial to LV.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  5. Thanks for you suggestions! I loved the Batignolles! Very nice. I totally agree about the speedy being classic, but I was looking and it seems a little big for me; I saw where they have a smaller version, the speedy 25 and that looks about the right size for me because I don't carry much in my purses.
  6. Good luck in your trip! Hope you find something that you like!
  7. Thanks missmustard!:smile: