Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi girls..I'm new to this purse forum..and just wanted to ask for suggestions on buying a new coach purse..any particular kind out there you guys have in mind? I love any kinda ideas...

    So, far I have these two...

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  2. everyone REALLY likes carly's... be carefull, they are good enablers :graucho: they can talk you into buying anything! lol

  3. Hmmm, I'll def. look into that style..thanks! :heart:
  4. Hey, Sweetpea, and welcome. Here we love the Carly and Ergos (hobos and totes), among others. What are you looking for?? Big or small? Leather or signature? "year round" or seasonal?
  5. NOOOOO...not us...:P

    I would recommend anything from the Legacy collection.
    They are classic!

    And...a Carly in any size is lovely!

  6. Great, thanks.

    Your doggies are soo cute!! :smile:
  7. Can't go wrong with anything Legacy, Carly, or Ergo......

    (or Soho, Hamptons, Signature Stripe, Signature Cotton, a gallery tote, shoulder tote, duffle......that covers pretty much everything right?)