Any suggestions would be appreciated

  1. So, my little mooey is sick but not about a week ago he was having TERRIBLE diahrea (but he was acting fine not lathargic or depressed, still playful and happy)so I brought him to the vet and she gave me antibiotics and told me to give him a plain diet of rice and we did that and the first two days all seemed well, but now he has gone the COMPLETELY opposite way and hasnt poo'ed in almost 5 days:wtf:. I stopped the rice after he didnt poo for 2 days and still nothing. Once again he isnt acting sick or lathargic or anything he just isnt pooping or even trying to. I am kinda worried, has this happened to anyone? Should I go back to the vet?:confused1: Someone give me some insight, TIA
  2. Not pooing for 5 days is bad, she could have something obstructing the area which is very dangerous. Is she still eating normally? If so I would say give her another day or so and make sure that she drinks a TON of water to help "things" move a long.

    Good luck!
  3. He eats....he's a little piggy, keeps wanting to eat, and play and acting "normal" just no poops:wtf:, Im wondering how he can eat and still be so hungry and not go
  4. I give my Petey a shot of EVOO (as Rachel Ray would say!) when he gets backed up, and it gets things going again. I just mix it into his food, or if he's gone off food then I squirt some into his cheek with a syringe. Massage the pups lower belly too. If no go by tomorrow AM DEFINITELY head to the vet for an xray and perhaps *cringe* an enema :push: .
  5. Please go back to the vet. A possible obstruction is very dangerous and time is of the essence. Good luck.
  6. You can get add a tbsp of plain canned pumpkin to his food.

    You should try to get him back to the vet and get an xray as well.

    Good luck
  7. HE WENT!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Thank goodness, whew, i called the vet and an hr later he went....the vet called me back and said that he should be ok as long as he wasnt trying to go and couldnt he is ok, if that makes sense?
  8. YAY!!! Lets all cheer for poo!! LOL!
  9. BTW thanks for all your sugestions and support! I am definetly gonna keep them inmind if he has any other problems....but I am still uneasy that he cant seem to "go" without problems, but hopefully it will all pass
  10. The pumpkin in the food mentioned above is a wonderful healthy way to help maintain regularity! Perhaps try this for a while to help insure things keep moving.
  11. Glad he went poo!! He is adorable by the way!!!

    And just for future reference, pumpkin for some reasons works for no poo & runny poo.....either way you are covered.:p
  12. Oh good to hear that everything is back to "normal" now!!

    Make sure you keep an eye on everything for a while though just to make sure!!
  13. My first dog had really bad digestive problems. We could only feed him one kind of food and my mom regularly made rice and chicken for him when he was sick. I would say for preventative reasons find a brand of food that is as natural as you can. We used to get Nature's Recipe lamb and rice. It was the only thing he could eat and not get sick. There was not people food for him.

  14. What is Evoo???
  15. ^^^extra virgin olive oil.....I believe that it is even in the dictionary now.