Any suggestions where I can book cheap flights from the UK to New York?

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  1. I know some UK ladies have been to new york and was wondering if you got a great deal with anyone? x
  2. It's really hard to get cheap prices on long haul flights like that - my suggestion is to try and book as early as possible, that way you have time to compare. My mom just booked a flight from New York to London last week to come here on Tuesday and the cheapest she could find was $500...I've heard it's actually cheaper to book from the states, so if you know someone who could do it for you, I would try that. Good luck!
  3. thanks ill try that :smile: xx
  5. I think British Midland has some cheap flights - but I am not sure whether they also fly to New York directly.

    The website is

  6. try It will show you the lowest prices for anytime flights and it can also show you what the lowest price has been in the last 6 mths or so so you know if you are getting a good deal or not
  7. I look at and then book directly with the airline offering the lowest price
  8. Delta airlines and british airways have reasonable priced flights from the UK but you normally have to book a good few months in advance
  9. American Airlines have good deals online (uk site) I got returns for £230.
  10. I usually use
  11. zoom had some good promotions from london to JFk
    also try
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    They are the serch engine for kayak, orbitz, etc.
    You can not buy on that site, but will find you the best fares, for over 100 airlines and with the codes you can call or go to the websites for that fare.
    Paid 237 for one way from Barcelona to NY with swiss air thru them, they truly find amazing fares
  12. Try
    Also try my favorite site which checks basically every site (even orbitz and all those comparison shopping sites PLUS the actual airline sites)
  13. I'm on Virgin Atlantic's mailing list and they're always sending me great deals. Maybe try to sign up with them.
  14. I always book direct with Virgin Atlantic (the only airline I will fly to NY with) as no one is allowed to sell their flights cheaper than they do. Sign up to flying club to ensure best fare deals.

    I don't generally book much more than 2 months before I go unless there is a fare sale on, which they have ALOT! The best deal I've ever had is £199 and the most I've had to pay is £350.

    As a side note a UK passport holder can not book a flight in dollars.

    look for flights there, but book directly through the airline.