Any suggestions to me, please?~

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  1. Hi, I'm new to PRADA.
    Could you please recommand a long-lasting Prada bag or a new trendy bag to me? If possible, show me the pictures as well.
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. prettymom - welcome to the forum!

    could you please give us more information about what you usually go for? large or small bags? color preferences? carrying options - over the shoulder, crook of your elbow, messenger style, etc? then perhaps we can give you better recommendations...;)
  3. You just need to spend some time looking at the reference threads above, checking out the threads down here. Then poke around Styledrops and Raffaello Network along with NM, BG and Saks to get an idea what you like.

    Bags are like bras: we all wear different sizes and no one bra is going to suit everyone or every need. :smartass:

  4. so so so True!!!! can I use that in my siggy?! :biggrin:
  5. Yes, disclose your purposes, your style overall, what you're usually attracted to color/leather wise and maybe we can post some pics. The modeling threads are really useful too.

    The fall line is fabulous! If there isn't a bag you like in there, I don't know what to tell ya~
  6. Hi gals.............

    I'm a tall trendy girl. I can accept different types/styles.... big tote/ small bag/ cluthc etc... just if they are attractive. This time, I would like to buy a big bag for daily use. I took a look on some threads and found one really nice... but I don't know the name and don't know how to post it here........ see, so stupid!!! :shame: It showed on the thread of "CELEBRITIES And Their PRADA bags!POST PICS HERE!", page 1, post #66, which Ashley Tidale carried.

    About the colors, I would prefer brown/black/grey at this time.

    Thanks all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~