Any suggestions on which bag to purchase next

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  1. something epi... id stay away from monogramed
  2. That's a wide question!! Get a damier azur when they come out.
  3. Would you consider another designer?
  4. I think you have a nice collection to start - the Alma is classic, but I find it's a bit "mature" looking personally (sorry, can't tell your age from your post!).

    I agree the mono is a bit overdone these days - perhaps something in the Damier canvas or Epi - I love the Jasmin, the Pont Neuf, the Passy Gm and the Soufflot in Epi, and the Damier looks great on the Papillon.

    Agree with Rose - would you consider another brand?
  5. how about YSL muse? :P
  6. If youre staying in LV. I would steer away from another mono or mc bag right now. I would try an Epi. Maybe an Alma in Epi or the Passy (that's one hot bag)?
  7. i would suggest damier ribera (since i want one too. hehehehheheh)
  8. You posted this in 2 Forums, we don't allow duplicates so I'm closing this one.
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