Any suggestions on where to get black blake with silver hardware

  1. I've been looking but can only find gold. Thanks :yes:
  2. I was on ebay earlier and saw some but I think they're all fake....If you find one, have bag.lover verify the authenticity before you bid....She's the MJ Queen...Good luck!! :heart: Emmy

  3. Thanks--I actually just did and she was so helpful! Unfortunately the only one I found that had the potential to not be fake probably is :sad:
  4. You'll find it....a pf'r helped me find my black multi pocket w/ silver hardware..I called Neimans in Tx and had it shipped!! Then I searched DAILY on ebay for the mathcing wallet and FINALLY one came up...I had the ladies here help me authenticate it and then I scooped it up!! I don't live anywhere near a Neimans or Nordies so I have to call the actual stores...If you want I can give you the name of the SA at the Neiman's in Tx and you can call her...Just hang in there..You'll find it!! :heart: Emmy
  5. I wish you had posted this earlier! I saw one at the NM in White Plains, NY when they were having their sale in June! You could also call there as well. If you go on the NM's website you can get their number, ask for Patricia.
  6. One was just listed on eBay I think today, and a large multi too! The seller says this is nickel hardware, so I'm not sure if this is what you're really looking for? But this is a good price if you don't mind the price written in the zipped up inner pocket (why do they do that anyway?).
  7. Oooh, sorry, I thought you were looking for multipockets :sweatdrop: