any suggestions on something to layer with my everyday necklace?

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  1. I'm sure you all know which necklace I am talking about :lol:

    I wear it everyday, never take it off unless to clean it, but its lonely. It looks beautiful on its own but I've been obsessed with the idea of layering with it... what would you recommend? So far a friend has said the mini fleur de lis key or a VCA single motif or a sweet necklace... I originally thought of the schlumberger egg on a long chain but I was told it would be too much visually. What do you suggest?
  2. I think either option would look nice, though I'd prefer the mini fleur de lis key or something from VCA's.
  3. I thought you had te two toned one or have you changed it?
    Any way and since I'm considering the bee myself I'll be subscribing to this thread ;) :graucho:

    I have this pendant wich I got for my birthday

    And was thinking of layering the bee with it but I'm torn between the two toned and the all platinum ( I like the TT better but I think the platinum would look better with my RG+P pendant )

    So how about if you consider this one:

    The key you have chosen is also a nice choice

    Oh i know i wasnt much of a help here but lets hope other tpfers would come up with better suggestions!

    Good luck!
  4. I think any of these would look lovely with your bee. I also love the Lynn pendant, so absolutely classic. I love the dot charms in all of the different stones, they just look so regal to me!

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  5. Yes sorry I do have the two toned but I couldn't find it on the website. :biggrin:
  6. I love the idea of combining the bee necklace with a flower one; bees and flowers simply belong together ;)
  7. Ahh I like all of these! Especially the dot charm- I wish they had one in rose gold because I would love to wear it with one of my greek mythology charms!

    Wow all of those flower designs......scrumptious....

    Anyway, my issue is, I know I want a piece this time that looks like a trademark of the brand. But always the issue is, I always fall in love with the pieces that aren't widely known! :lol: But this time I want a more identifiable piece. This is my difficulty because I love the flower necklaces and the dot charm, I know most people won't recognize it as Tiffanys. While most of my collection is not recognizable, and I love that about my collection.. I do want one fine piece that is. Does that make sense?
  8. I think the Victoria or the Flower would be super cute with it. IMHO a WG/P necklace would be the most versatile with it as it would make mixing metals more cohesive and it still makes the focus the bee while holding it's own.

    If you wanted to go for something a little bigger, I think this could be really nice with it (also has milgrain edges and rose cut diamonds, but also a different shape):

    But personally I think any of the keys would be really really really nice with it, if you wanted to go with Tiffany again. :smile: I think a single motif would probably look the best with it though.
    Let us know what you decide!
  9. If this is so important to you, maybe go for the Victoria necklace - but only if you really love it. Otherwise, I would rather choose something which I love, regardless of whether it is recognizable as Tiffany's.
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    Last edited: Sep 23, 2012
    i forgot to say that I tried the victoria pendant with it and it looked great-- but I wanted the earrings more, and don't want to match my pendant and earrings exactly which is why I vetoed the victoria pendant at the store, the earrings just sang to me. I need to go try the key with the bee!
    Like I said, all of my pieces were picked because I loved them not because they were recognizably Tiffanys. That has always been the case. Majority of my Tiffanys people do not realize it is Tiffanys, but I loved the design so I went for it. This time I would like something that is trademark of the house, which I don't think is a bad thing.
  11. Maybe you should choose one of their pretty keys then. I think they are recognizable as Tiffany's! :smile:
  12. I understand that completely; I like everything to go together not be matchy-matchy. :smile:
    Out of curiosity, are you wanting a more dainty pendant to layer with it or a more substantial one?
    Because a DBTY could be really nice with the bee and a key for a three necklace layered look. (I can't rememeber if you have a DBTY or not!)
  13. I like layering a theme of necklaces .
    Keys and locks looks great together but wont match with the bee i thk u should stay in the nature collection a bee , a dragonfly , butterfly
    Garden !!
    Stay in the theme dont let it loose value . give meaning to the layering :smile:
    This is what i thk :smile:
    :smile::smile: hope this helps :smile::smile:

    And if u dont want to follow a theme dbty !!!! "passe partout" :smile::smile:
  14. If you are looking for something iconic from Tiffany, the Victoria would be a good one and it will go nicely with your bee.