Any suggestions on nice business card holders?

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  1. I just got new business cards and now need something nice to keep them in. I'm not big on LV, but I do like their holders. I also like one I saw from Tod's. I work for a luxury Web site, so I need to have a "luxury" holder. Any ideas?
  2. I'd recommend to take a look at Hermes. They make lots of small leather goods and they're TDF! You can't go any classier than H. Good luck with your quest!
  3. I think Gucci has a few, and look at that, sale starts today! :tup:
  4. [​IMG]
    I looked at these for my BF. but have not seen them IRL.

  5. Coach mini skinny. They’re just the right size for business cards. And not expensive too.
  6. Smythsons do really nice ones and come in a variety of TDF colours. These 2 are my favourite.

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  7. I got one of these for my best friend when she got promoted last year and she loved it. Every girl needs something from Tiffanys!!
  8. Those smythson's are GORGEOUS!

    I just bought myself a nice Kate Spade one in Las Vegas because my other one (not so nice) disintegrated. Im using it only for my stationery company cards so I don't look like such a schlub. :smile:

    I also like the Carolina Herrera ones I saw while in Vegas as well.
  9. Just a thought, but for some reason, I'm thinking of that business card scene in 'American Psycho' but instead, we are more worried about the case! I just think it's amusing! :tup:
  10. Ha Ha! American Psycho!! That movie was creepy! Thanks for the suggestions guys! I saw a LV coin purse on eBay and it looks like it would work for business cards. But then again, I try to stay away from eBay. I do like the Tiffany's, but I kinda want a nice leather one. I'm gonna check out the Hermes.
  11. I have one from Chanel. They have a nice selection.
  12. It was creepy, but Christian Bale was sure a hot creepy man. :graucho:

    I think with ebay, it might be a little safer than buying an LV speedy, for example, since a card holder is not a big ticket item? I could be wrong... Also they're generally not too expensive in the actual store, so you could just mosey in somewhere and fall in love with one. either/or!
  13. I checked out Hermes without thinking about how much they would be. Too much to spend on a business card holder. So my search continues...
  14. My Kate Spade was I think 50 or 60?