any suggestions on keeping lambskin from cracking... any kind of polish to use, etc?

  1. any ideas on keeping the lambskin leather in as best condition as possible. is there any type of polish or leather care lotoion that should be used on it? thanks!
  2. I tried colorless shoe cream on mine one day. I'm still not sure if it helped. I put in on the back and invisible places, though I had the feeling it didn't make it softer or soupler. So wouldn't recommend that immediately.. Hope someone else has better tips :smile:
  3. Lambskin cracks?!?!? Does it dry out or something?:sad:
  4. My first new Chanel was purchased in the early 90's by my husband. It's a medium black flap w/gold hardware. It's never cracked. I tend to carry it when I go out to dinner, etc. and not using it every day. I've put leather conditioner on it occasionally and keep it stored in its box. UV rays (prolonged) and not conditioning the leather will dry it out -- think of a leather car interior that gets constant exposure. It's a must to condition the interior 4 times a year to prevent drying and cracking.
  5. I actually tried out another product after my previous response on my lambskin waist bag. I used a spray that is called 'soft wax' and bought it at a shoe store a while ago. I did improve it's condition, it got softer and soupler and a little bit shinier, so I ended up using it all over the bag this time. So this time I have a usefull tip for you after all... Hope you can find it somewhere! Good luck!