Any suggestions on how to optimize the healing process after nose job?


May 26, 2016
Hi everyone! I just want to get your suggestions regarding healing after a nose job.
How does one make sure that you heal without a hitch? I am about to go into surgery in just a few weeks, and I am very much apprehensive about the healing process and how it might turn out. Please advise, especially those who have gone through the procedure.


Lovely peach (재미없어)
Nov 29, 2016
You follow a self care routine, nurses will explain how to take care of your nose :smile:
And to speed up the process, the key is to minimize swelling


Sep 17, 2016
I took bromelain ampoules and arnica cream that I bought in a Korean pharmacy. That really helped my swelling go down, but my nose didn't look great until day 11/12. I was **really** shocked when the cast was taken off on day 6, but it gets a lot better! (Had a bit of a cry on day 7 though, my nose looked huge). 2 weeks after, my nose looked fine. It's now less than 2 months after surgery and I really love it. Also the nurses will show you how to clean your nose after surgery- it's important ^^ I got scolded by the nurses for not doing it well because I thought I had to clean all the way inside- turns out it's just around the stitches.