any suggestions on how to clean handles?

  1. what do you girls use to clean handles for light color bags?
    since i cannot seem to locate a nice ink first, i am thinking that maybe i should get white instead...:nuts:
    watching simple life episode where nicole has what seems to be a white first on my tv makes me want one.
    however, i am worried about how to clean it. and the handles are prob the first thing that will get dirty, right?
  2. I think Nicole's white First is a fake. That's why her white handles are always quite clean. You can use the apple garde spray on it to prevent dirt and stain.
  3. handles are the hardest thing to clean! the body oils just don't come off, once they're there. i do two things: first, spray the bag with applegarde regularly (every 2 months or so) and second, never carry it by hand! make friends with your shoulder strap.:yes: