Any Suggestions on Blue?

  1. so i've eyeballed Kooba, Prada, LV, Tod's, Coach, and Dooney. i have some ideas, but i'm looking to add to my collection a classic, timeless, quality leather bag, that is preferabley in blue.

    i've seen a few things that have gotten a double take, but nothing i'm head over heels for. this dooney is quite nice, and comes in marine blue. i kind of want a medium blue not a sky or navy...

    would anyone have any suggestions? this may be my april purchase.

    this is the dooney that caught my eye in the catalog:

    that bag in either medium or large

    i love that Marine color! if you have seen the catalog, that's the color that is shown in the catalog. you can view it online or pick one up at the nearest Dooney factory store :p
  2. Check out for the Gryson Spring Line. They have quite a few bags that come in a gorgeous "Baltic Blue" which is very similar to the marine blue on the Dooney, but maybe with a little more life and depth to it. Gryson certainly fits your requirement of classic, timeless quality!
  3. anyone like the skye bag in blue??
  4. I was also going to say coach leather in pond. That blue is really hot now. Of course my favorite blue is anything indigo by LV.
  5. you have any specific suggestions? i'm not familiar with LV and don't know where to look. lemme know!
  6. I saw the Lulu Guiness Hillary in blue the other day and it was lovely. I also spotted a blue Botkier in a magazine that made me do a double take, both this season if you're interested.
  7. Here's a great Jimmy Choo bag.

  8. My standard answer is actually perfect here: The Begeren Moorea tote comes in Marine. I have it, and the color is absolutely stunning. I think you can still find it for sale at Karizma.
  9. Even though, I like that Dooney bag (I like it in beige) and I think the blue is a gorgeous hue, I hate the contrast stitching. But I hate that on all bags. :confused1:
  10. I was going to suggest LV too. I was thinking of something from the Epi line in Myrtille which I consider to be a nice, medium blue shade. You can go to and see if anything catches your eye.

    You may also want to look at Marc Jacobs handbags. There are some nice blue shades out there. But, I have always found these a tad difficult to find in the stores.
  11. omg i want that bag. *sings "if i had a million dollars"* mmm.

    i'm going for an after dinner stroll to the beach with my roomie, then i will check out the other designers.. this is too much fun, keep the suggestions coming ladies! my want list is getting longer!
  12. I recommend any blue Marc Jacobs or an LV epi.