Any suggestions on anti-aging moisturizer and eye cream.

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  1. I just turned 39 and would like to start using anti-aging creams for face and eyes. Any suggestions on the best one that you know of.

  2. The Skincareline by Shiseido is excellent. They have this modular program where you the basics (cleanser, softener) are the same and than you choose the day- and night cream for your skin type. They have 2 very good eye creams as well. I use the eye soother (gel) in the morning and the eye cream at night.
  3. Thanks.
  4. Tanja - what about the eye creams do you like? I have been on the neverending hunt for the perfect eye cream that will actually diminish fine lines and wrinkles. I use Chanel no. 1 eye cream and it is the best I have found; I have tried many.

    I just know there has to be something that can do what I want without a scapel.

    Anyone else??
  5. I'm a little older than most of the rest of you, I think, so have been using anti-aging stuff for a while now. I really like the Lancome Absolue line of products, particularly since I live near Washington DC and it gets really dry here in the winter.
  6. How much is the Chanel.
  7. I've also used mostly Lancome products and find they seem to work the best with my skin. But for eye cream, I'm currently using Clinique (recommended by a co-worker) and am happy with it.
    I once asked a dermatologist what the best anti-aging product is, and his reply was "Sunscreen." So now I make sure all the products I use have at least an SPF 15, and if I know I'm going to be outdoors, I put on #30.

    I'm 49 now, and even though I'm probably blessed with good genes, I've also used moisturizers since my 20's and sunscreen since my 30's, and I'm often told that I have great skin and look much younger than my actual age.
  8. I like Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Eye Cream.
  9. Thanks, I presently use the clinique superdefense--I'll give the eye cream a try.
  10. Thanks.
  11. Whatever you get, don't get clinique. It doesn't work. Actually, I don't believe any 'antiaging' creams work. But good luck on your hunt.

    And I agree with the above post about sunscreen! Diet and exercise too.
  12. $100 a bottle.

    I have used the Bobbi Brown and it emphasized my wrinkles.

    I used Clinique when I was in my 20's; but, abandonded it in my 30's for Perricone and Chanel.

    I used La Mer with no positive results, and only a negative skin reaction.

    My mother (in her 50's) is swearing by StiVectin SD; but, I tried the eye cream and it was just greasy.

    An associate of mine, whose skin is the proverbial "baby's bottom", in her 50's is using Prevage; but, she could use Country Crock and look amazing.

    My husband says all of the creams are horse-****; his philosophy is that if there was one that really worked then that is all anyone would buy. He says the mere fact that more creams keep hitting the market is proof than none of them are superior.

    i think he is full of horse-****; because I do believe that out of all i have tried the Chanel really is the best.
  13. I use Prevage and love it!
  14. Is this just for the face? It is not meant for the undereye area is it?
  15. You have got to check out Arbonne. they have a line called RE-9 that is perfect. If you sign up to be a rep for $35.00 you get your products half price and that is a great deal. You don't have to sell anything to anyone just buy your own stuff. I am an MD. I have access to all the prescription stuff that the plastics guys sell and this arbonne is better than any of them. They also have a wonderful product for all you women who may have had a hysterectomy with removal of your ovaries or who are approaching menopause. If is a natural progesterone cream which you use and then you don't have to take replacement.