any suggestions on a new purse? thanks

  1. hi, i just returned a coach and have a credit of $400. I'm looking to get another Coach, i 'm confused what to get. I already have a carly khaki/beet in medium, and a black sig ergo tote. I'm thinking to get a leather coach purse? any suggestion on style is appreciated. I want a roomy one . thanks
  2. A madeline. I want one but I know I wouldn't use it!!! Or something wild like the zebra!
  3. madeline is nice, especially the one in ornage/coral , but i'm thinking more of a shoulder bag, with 2 little ones you know? thanks
  4. I personally don't really like the Madeleine, but I love the Hamptons Carryalls! I love the Signature Stripe totes and the Heritage totes too.. both are roomy and you'll have money left over for a matching accessory or another bag.
  5. how about the new patent ergo hobo?
  6. Ergo pebbled leather Large tote :tup: roomy enough for kids stuff, leather, and buttery soft.
  7. how much is the ergo belted tote? does anyone know the price? does it come in pebbled leather? and what color available?thanks candace i was thinking about chocolate color. so yummy
  8. There was a tobacco colored belted large tote at my boutique when I was there last, it was beautiful :love: you could talk to your SA and see if they can find one!
  9. I think it was over 400 by just a bit, though.
  10. thanks, i'm heading to the mall on wednesday. I heard there is an extra 30% off on clearance coach at dillard's on wednesday. i will check out macy's and Nordstrom and the coach store. will let you guys know what is coming home with me.
  11. Or, pebbled leather medium (regular) Ergo tote. I love mine!
  12. Oh I can't wait to see what you get!!
  13. do you live near any outlets ?
  14. too bad, there is no outlet near my house. the closet one is 200miles. i wish i live closed to one, but i probably spend all my paycheck there.
  15. a quick question, can you return a outlet purchase with receipt at regular store for credit on something else? thanks