Any suggestions on a new hair do?

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  1. So, I'm ready for a style wise..not color wise...I will never dye my hair..maybe because I cannot picture it being anything rather than black. Please any advice is welcome on what hair style fits me.

    Here is a most recent picture of my hair.
  2. If your hair is naturally straight like in the picture, maybe something like what Leigh Lezark (from the misshapes) has.

  3. Oh that's cute!! Thanks for the idea. Anyone else have any?
  4. I like the idea above ^

    It's a cute style. Something maybe more dramatic--
    You could try getting short bangs. I like side-swept bangs personally.

    Also, some layers would look great on you. Maybe even highlights?
  5. I think you would look cute in side swept bangs and long layers.
  6. Hmm, yeah bangs are so pretty.
  7. I love the haircut on that pic! Although if your hair is naturally straight, or you don't have much trouble flat-ironing it, then I think you'd really look great with Nelly Furtado's big thick bangs. It'd look killer with the shape of your face.
  8. Actually, I have naturally thick and wavy hair..I have to flat iron it..luckily it doesn't take a long time to do it. I'm digging the idea of getting bangs!!
  9. I second the Misshapes do but I would go shorter, just above your shoulders.
    Do the bangs later if you want
  10. I absolutely love that Leigh Lezark haircut!!! I too think it should be a little bit shorter. Side swept bangs would look good as well.
  11. Sweetpea you are already gorgeous!

    But if you really want to try something new I think a shoulder length bob would look great on you!
  12. How short do you want to go?
  13. Hehe, thanks. ;)