Any suggestions how to deal with overly attached newborn?

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  1. My baby boy is currently 6 weeks old and for the past week he want to be held ALL the time. He wasn't like this before, after feeding him I would burp him and he would fall asleep right away. But now he will just cry after feeding. The doctor said it might be the gas that's causing the discomfort, so she prescribed gas drops. But it doesn't work, my baby keep crying and won't fall asleep. I need to rock him and walk around until he fall asleep. But as soon as I place him down, he would cry. I tried putting pillows between him but it doesn't work. This is getting insane because I'm literally holding on to him the whole day and I can't even do anything. Please share your experiences, I'm almost reach my maximum of tolerance.
  2. Babies are supposed to be attached. Our dd (now 15yo) went through that stage as well and it IS exhausting for sure. Soon your baby will change and will pass this phase. Try to get some help and relief from someone else if possible.
    Hang in there.......sending good vibes your way!
  3. Get an ergo baby carrier RIGHT NOW. Wear your baby like many cultures do and go about your business. He will love it and you will have two hands. When they are tiny, you can use the baby insert it a rolled gauze blanket to make it cozy.

    Do yourself a huge favor and read BabyWise. Like right now on Amazon or whatever.

    When my daughter was 6 wks I was dizzy. A friend in another time zone texted me at 2 am and was like - why are you awake?! She gave me the tip to read the BabyWise concept and I did- right that minute (my 3rd child) and I put it to use the next day. I could see my baby was actually relieved to have alone time and a routine. She became my best sleeper. Check it out.
    Lastly, if your last nerve is wearing thin- get help. Any relative, any friend will do. Take a few hours to decompress and feel human again and you will actually miss your baby. I like to call it Stockholm syndrome.
    Your baby is just being a baby and having a baby/child is the worst best thing you will ever do. Hang on for dear life. It's gets better! And then it gets amazing! And then it goes to hell again : ) my oldest just turned 21 and then you can't get any attention from them ; )

    You got this. You were born for it. Twanda!
  4. Oh and I forgot to mention- everything is going to be OK! You're doing a great job. You're holding you're baby and trying your best to meet his needs.
    This too shall pass. Promise.
  5. That baby wise book is the best book on babies. I completely agree. My daughter is 4, now and that book helped me get through that period. Good luck. And yes remember it will, for better and for worse, go by all too fast.
  6. Newborns need to be held, and sometimes they go through stages of wanting you 24/7. Agree with the suggestions on baby wearing and the book. Remember this too shall pass!
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  7. Sometimes I use the baby carrier to stop him from crying but sometimes it work but sometimes it doesn't. I just recently came back from my parents' home after staying there for 5 weeks after birth. I had a lot of help from my family, but since I'm back at my home with is 4 hours away, it's hard to get some help from my family. So now it's only my husband and I. My husband works at home so he usually take the night shift from 3am to 9am which means I will start the day at 9 and goes to sleep around 2-3.

    Recently I increased the milk from 3oz to 4oz and he would want to eat every 3 hours rather than 2 hours. When should I increase to 4.5oz or 5oz? My husband said he normally sleeps at nighttime but at the daytime he's wide awake.

    I know the first three months are difficult but I didn't expect the baby to be so clingy. Hopefully it will get better each day
  8. They have a growth spurt about 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks Feed him until he's full. Try the BabyWise method for that. Google it maybe. Feed til full, play - keep engaged, and then nap. He'll have the rhythm quickly.
    If you're not using an ergo baby carrier, switch. I made the mistake of using a different wrap before the last baby. I had one child much earlier and two kids close together 14 years later.

    Human babies should be gestating for 12 months but "they" say that our brains got too big and so we needed to be out early. We are born not fully developed. Organ systems and brain got most of the attention but nervous systems and lungs, less so. We need another trimester. And so we finish baking outside. It makes sense if you see a newborn vs a 3 month old. 6 weeks from now your baby will come alive and the fun begins. You're halfway.

    But do get an ergo carrier with the baby insert. And check out the eat, play, sleep method. You won't regret it.

    Hang in there.
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  9. You've had great advice here. As a mommy of 3 I can tell you that your word "newborn" is key. This precious baby was in your belly for 9 months; warm, dark, hearing your heart beating, etc. . . he's brand new, he needs you.
    I agree, 6 weeks is a typical growth spurt, feed him until he's full. Carry him if he's comforted by it. It's all about him right now :smile:
    Enjoy your "newborn"! He won't be new for long!
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  10. I'm sorry you're going through a tough time. The days seem long but the years are short, this is temporary.. I promise. I recommend downloading the Wonder Leaps app, this always gave me a heads up as to why my baby was a little more clingy, or cranky. It's rough the first few months, it'll get better :smile: The first year of life, we did a LOT of babywearing :smile: Look into the the boba wrap for a new born, or ring sling as well.
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  11. Attached newborn = being a totally typical human for his age
    I get it, it's a grueling life sometimes but just when you are totally fed up with what's going on with your kid, it's a totally new phase to figure out. You two will be fine.

    Babywearing FTW! At least the first year or so.
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  12. My baby had reflux and would fall asleep but then cry. I would hold him up for a few extra minutes after burping so the reflux could settle back down. He's really young and being held all the time is totally normal. I can't recommend sleep training books but I do recommend a loose schedule. There's a recommendation for awake times online. I usually do it by timeframe. So my now 6 month old will wake around 7am then sleep at 9 or 930am. Wakes up between 10-1020am. Then I wait another 2 1/2 hours before next nap. He has 3 naps currently and we cosleep. I nurse to sleep. There's a lot of ways to mother and im not saying I'm right. This one works for our family. I was upset because our baby wasn't following everyone else's expectations -books or other friends babies. But then I'd just be angry at my baby and I didn't want to live like that. I'm happy and overall decently rested. He's already growing too fast and this is my last baby to snuggle.
  13. It's possible for this to be a growth spurt like a previous poster said. My baby girl was super clingy but at growth spurts she was even more attached. The only thing to do is to ride the storm and wait for it to pass. You're doing great!
  14. Hang in there mama. It's really hard in the beginning. But you will get through it. I promise.
  15. It's week 9, and my ds is still clingy. It's getting a little better after getting him a bouncer and some musical crib mobile. At night time he would fall asleep after feeding and burping him. But there are times that the gas in his tummy keeping him up and he will get fuzzy for not getting his sleep. I'm still rocking him to sleep and I would either place him in the bouncer to sleep or he will sleep next to me. I have tried placing him in his crib but he doesn't like it and he would cry and it does potentially make him fuzzy because he feels sleepless. In the daytime I would still hold onto him until he fall asleep or sometimes when he's in a good mood I would lay him on my bed and play with him. I'm so exhausted from sleeping about 6 hours everyday that are broken down in 3 parts. I look after the baby until 7-8 or sometimes 9-10 in the morning or when my husband wakes up to look after the baby and I can get my sleep... But lately I underestimate how clingy my baby is, he would cry the whole time my husband holding him. So he would hand me my baby and he will stop crying instantly. Sigh wish me luck, really really really hope this phase will pass and I will eventually get to enjoy spending time with my baby and having some times for myself.