Any suggestions for websites that sell cute girls/kids clothes?

  1. I need to get gifts for my nieces (ages 8, 6 and 3). I found Madison and Friends and it has really cute stuff. I will likely end up ordering from there (because it is local) but wanted to check first to see if there were any other online children's boutiques that have similar stuff . Thanks for your help!!!
  2. I love shopping at
  3. I love their Swedish knit cotton clothes. UK clothing that is really nice, unique things.

    My daughter is 7 1/2 and is now quite determined in what she will and wear not wear so it is frustrating because she wants girly (which means pretty colors-like pink) she will not wear dark. So I just ordered a ton of stuff from Abercrombie online this morning. She is tall and I am having a problem with things long enough for her so I am giving this a try. It is the first time I am ordering from them.
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