Any suggestions for something LV to hold my iPod nano...

  1. Hi, I was wondering if any of you can suggest something that i can put my iPod nano in...Thanks!

  2. Whoo! They've gotten tiny now! :blink: I don't click on Apple emails anymore, they just lead to more spending. :push:

    I'd get something that could also house something else.. like a Wapity. Electronic items change size and shape so quickly now that it's not worth getting something just for a specific item. I was saying earlier in some other thread that the iPod shuffle cases are pretty much useless now that the Shuffle has changed to such a small size!

    For your wee Nano I'd just get a case for it from Apple or someone else to keep scratches off it, and put it into a Wapity whilst out of use. That thing looks so tiny that you'd have room spare in a Wapity for your headphones and the iPod connector cable if you wanted to carry that, too. :tup:

  3. would it fit in a cles?
  4. ^^ the older versions did.......... i dont know if the newer versions will fit in a cles....
  5. How about an Okapi case?
  6. I am sure if you wait a while LV will make something!
  7. How about a Porte Monnaie Rond? It's slightly larger than an ordinary cles. Here is one in Mini Lin.
  8. my bf just got one of these last week. he puts it in his wallet. which is a prada card holder much narrower than a cles. i recomment a cles or card holder, a wapity seems much to large for this little guy.
  9. I was actually wondering the same thing since I ordered one for my 8 year old last Friday. I'll try the clés... if not, the Porte Monnaie Rond that LV&Lexus07 recommended:smile:.
  10. cles, rond, or maybe a mc berlingot (something different lol).
  11. I have the new nano and it fits perfectly in a cles, with room to spare!
  12. Really? Headphones too??

    **thanks everyone for your suggestions**
  13. I have the new nano too, its so awesome! Mine fits perfectly in my perfo cles, including headphones!