Travel Any suggestions for restaurants in Irwindale, CA?????


Feb 22, 2010
San Francisco
hi everyone, my boyfriend and I are taking a weekend trip to Irwindale, CA for a car show in two weeks. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for yummy restaurants (breakfast, lunch or dinner) we could try while we're down there... I've never been down to Irwindale before so I'm also not familiar with the area.



Jul 24, 2008
I have no suggestions for Irwindale per se, but Pasadena and Arcadia are about 15-20 minutes away (west). If you like Chinese food, Din Tai Fung in Arcadia is well-known for its juicy pork dumplings ( It's open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, but gets pretty crowded on weekends so you may have to wait.

Old Town Pasadena has a bunch of restaurants and shops ( No particular recommendations, but may be nice if you'd like to walk around before/after dinner.

If you like Japanese food, Matsuri (1065 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA, (626) 844-2900) has good sushi. Love their black cod and agedashi tofu as well. Also gets crowded on Fri/Sat (it's closed on Sun) but you may be able to make reservations.

In terms of gourmet food, there's Maison Akira for French-Japanese cuisine (, also in Pasadena. I LOVE the souffle (must be ordered at the beginning of dinner) and the apple tart.