Any Suggestions For Parisian Made Handbags?

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  1. Hello fellow purse fans! Am returning to Paris next week and as every time I love to bring back a purse (or two, or three). Last visit, I brought back 3 Longchamps and 1 Lollipops. A real Chanel is out of my price range, and I have about 4 faux ones, adorable which I why pay the $2,000 for a real one when they make so many cute fakes? I just don't see it.

    Does anyone know of any purse labels specifically Parisian. Heard of Gerard Darel. But don't know it. I have 3 Apres du Midi bags and about 3 Lancel ones too, and around 3 Lamarthe bags--my over the chest black Lamarthe is my travel fav. It's a soft leather, perfect--for travelling. And I bought it too at TJ Maxx. Am looking for something else now, something new.

    Any suggestions?

    What a super site!!!

    P.S. 3 of my lovely Lancel bags, I bought at my local TJ Maxx. Last year's styles, but half the price from what they even are in Paris.
    Happy Shopping!!
  2. I take it all you "purse fans" have not been to Paris or have any advice to give me? Is this true?

    Come on, somebody must have been to Paris recently? If not, well OK then--:crybaby: but if so, I await your advice.

    Thanks alot.
  3. BUMP~

    Was dreaming of my handbags last night. Silly--yes I know. But was thinking how funny all the Parisian handbags start with L's

    Lancel, Longchamp, Lancaster, Lamarthe,...........:cursing: Anyone know them????

    Anyway--------any thoughts on this???? I'm setting out to Paris soon, and don't know what to look for this time around??????

  4. Ummmm... Ingrid, you talk a lot about how many bags you buy (fake and discount) and that you never get to use a lot of them. Your argument against real bags is that they are too expensive. Here is something to think about: From the prices you've listed you're paying about $100 - $200 per bag. Why not buy one quality bag instead of 8-10 that are of lesser quality? (not to mention you probably won't get anything if you try to sell them later) It's a better investment in every way. Besides - if you're so against buying "real" bags why try to look like you're carrying them? Just curious.
  5. Hey mariemalie: thanks for your opinion.!:drool: I do appreciate it. And you're right--giving me something to think about for sure.

    But on to my post on this thread and the topic at hand. Do you know Paris? Can you tell me anything about Paris and the handbags? And from your experience, what you know about the purses there? Thx alot. Would love and appreciate your opinion on this topic, the topic of my thread.

    Happy Day Friend~~
  6. The thing is, that we don't appreciate fakes on this site.

    I know that's not the subject of your thread and that you do. I also know that you will probably just thank me for my opinion and ask me about French bags. But if you are wondering why you are not getting a good response to your question, the fact that you advertise that you, knowingly, buy fake bags may well be the reason why.

    Just a heads up. :biggrin:
  7. Ingrid, your posts are beginning to irritate me!:sad: This site was set up specifically for purse lovers who appreciate the quality and workmanship of "the real deal", but you constantly bring up the subject of counterfeits! This is an illegal industry which most of us here view with contempt and the bags are not worth 10 lousy dollars, let alone 100-200!! The market place connected to this site is also a safe trading place for all these lovely girls to find great bags without the worry of ending up with fakes, so I find you carrying on about counterfeits totally inappropriate! As much as you try, you will not find much support for your views about those rotten bags here, so stop offending people, by urging them to "fess" up, their bags are real!!!!
  8. So sorry for making you irritated Maggie~ :angel: I don't get irritated by anyone and their view on their purses, even if they happen to LOVE a bag I dislike. I feel we all are entitled to our own opinion, don't you? And we should be kind to one another.

    Hope you have a blessed day maggie~:yes:
  9. Well, I have just returned from Paris and I go twice a year - I always buy a Louis Vuitton bag there because in my experience, it is the best value. I don't care for Charles Darel, although I go to their Saint-Germain store every time I'm in Paris because it is only a few doors down from Cafe De Flore which is my haunt. - Not interested in Lancel. I must add that I only buy the genuine article and deplore the practice of doing otherwise.
  10. It seems like you've heard of many french brands already, I love Gerard Darel, it's truly the "must-have" of the parisian woman....they are everywhere !!!
    Otherwise a super popular brand is SEQUOIA Maroquinerie bagagerie, sacs à main, portefeuille Sequoia
    I think the prices are around 200 euros, good quality, nice style.
  11. Sorry Gerard!!
  12. Hey thanks! I'll check out Gerard Darel for sure! Never heard of it before!
    Yes, Cafe de Flore is our hang-out too. My absolute favorite area of Paris! Thanks for letting me know about Darel!!!!

    P.S. Which style LV did you buy last time? I have a few of them too and Love them, cuz they're so sturdy!

  13. Thanks much! Never heard of Sequoia either! Will check it out!
  14. I would surely go to le printmps and buy a vanessa bruno cabas. My favourite one is the huge lether one which retails for around 300 euro, so I don't know if it is in your price range, she makes also cotton bags and smaller bags which are cheaper. for good deals on genuine and authentic bags go to La vallèe designer outlet village with the RER. there you can get discounted celine, lancel, lamarthe and other very popular franch and european labels like longchamps (very nice bags).
  15. I bought a Damier Alma with a shoulder strap and a limited edition key chain (a little speedy).
    shrink alma1.jpg Shrink 2.jpg