any suggestions for pains in my heels?

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  1. Lately I have been in a lot of pain in the heels of my feet. I'm not sure what or why it is happening. I do walk a lot at work, but I wear Nikes/tennis shoes. I even have dr. scholls inserts, but nothing seems to help. it is so painful that i limp when i walk because i don't want to put too much pressure on my feet. it really doesn't matter what type of shoes i wear...they hurt regardless.
    one thing that i thought of...i have gained weight in the last year...and maybe that could be it? i'm not sure...i don't want to be in pain all the time. its so frustrating. i don't have insurance, so i can't really go and see a doctor about it. when school does start, i will try to see someone at the school's health center...but until then...:sad:
    what do you think ladies?
  2. is it the base of your heel or the back?
    if its the back it could be tendonitis. you get it from wearing flat shoes and stretching the tendon in the back of your heel or by wearing high heels a lot and the tendon shrinks.
  3. have you looked on WebMD? I think you can put in symptoms and it will give you suggestions what it could be. I think there is something called a Heel Spur, also possibly Planters warts? But try WebMD. Good Luck.
  4. Have you ever tried the brand of shoe "Rockport" or "SAS" try a pair mom has back problems and those are the only shoes she can use!
  5. its mostly at the base of my heel, like around the inner part of my foot. i'll try webMD also. thanks.
  6. Could be planter faciitis.

    Its pretty common in heavier people....first instinct is to favor it by not putting weight on your heel and really that only makes it worses. When I have a flair up I switch to my birkenstocks...which luckily I have several pairs of anyway..because they provide the best support for your feet IMO. I have a couple of pairs that don't really look like birks that I can wear to work too. AND .. if thats what it is...don't walk barefoot at all. Not even from the bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night. When I have a flare up its usually feeling better within 2-3 weeks of exclusive birkenstock wearing. My chiropractor also recommended using medical tape in a certain configuration to help support the plantar fascia, but that didn't make a lot of difference for me.

    Oh..I just got a super cute pair of danskos that are super supportive too..and work appropriate. They are going to be my new go-to work shoes when I'm going to be walking or on my feet a opposed to heels!
  7. Sounds like heel spur or plantar fascitis. See a podiatrist. I've had it and orthotics helped a lot. Eventually it may correct itself and you won't have the pain, but your feet may need orthotics that fit inside your shoes to align correctly.
  8. Do you have pain in your feet upon waking and initially walking the first few steps? You may have plantar fasciitis. It can be treated, but you should see a specialist if it's recurrent, as it doesn't go away quickly.
  9. I immediately thought of heel spur too. A podiatrist can definitely help you.

    Sometimes the muscles in the arch of your foot, calf and Achilles Tendon area can make heel pain so much worse. It may be helpful to carefully stretch these areas daily, but I'd ask your doctor before attempting to do this, in case I'm wrong.