Any suggestions for men?

  1. Hey all, I'm normally in the Louis Vuitton forum but recently I've been getting into more discreet styles with Bottega Veneta and Yves Saint Laurent. Would you lovely ladies and perhaps gentlemen have any suggestions for a messenger bag for me? Pictures would be greatly appreciated, also I'm 5'11'' and relatively lean to give you guys an idea of my size. Thanks in advance. :yes:
  2. I think the best person to consult is Pete/Mario from Luxury-Zurich. Pete posts here some times. I hope he sees this thread. Peeeeeetttteeee, wheeeeeerrrrrreeeee aaaarrrrrre yoooooooouuuuu?

    I can recommend you something to put inside your new H bag! :greengrin: But, I am also too shy to say it out in a public forum. So, I'll leave it to the other ladies here to point out to you where to look for a picture of this thing that I am elusive about. LOL:roflmfao:
  3. [​IMG]

    ....from LZ
  4. What's the name of that one? Price? Looks interesting, I don't have black actually haha...everything I have is BROWN! Now all I'll need is a stylish girlfriend to match up with me. ;)
  5. Neeya? Oh, she's spoken for.
  6. Haha...nah that's not what I meant. It's just that I've always been on the hunt for my very own Victoria Beckham. ;)
  7. Is that all there is for men?
  8. There is a UNIVERSE of discovery and adventure awaiting you! :yes:

    For men: there are belts - including crocodile belts, watches, leather cuffs, cufflinks, gorgeous cashmere tops & scarves, jackets, the yummiest & comfiest shoes, ties, shirts, agendas and notebooks, wallets, keyrings, credit card holders .... and yes, several styles of satchel bags and soft briefcases. Plus home and office accessories.....all with that unmistakeable Hermes quality and elegance .. and discretion. :love:

    DO take a while exploring the Hermes section at LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - No.1 for authentic designer brands, new used and vintage. Hermes, Chanel, Vuitton, Prada, Bag, as the ladies here have suggested. :smile: You can email them as well!
  9. Evelyne GM looks great on the guys, too. Buenaventura would work as well.
  10. Mrs. Sparkles - were you suggesting one of the many wonderful H accessories - the wallets? Agendas? card cases?
    le etui a preservatif?

    Or am I completely out of line?
    If I am, forgive me. I'm still too amused.

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  11. Ooh..what do those ones look like?
  12. I found some on BlueFly that I think would be appropiate for a man. There was the Colorado in a large size and the Caravane. And they retail for about $1,500-$2,500 so you can't go wrong. Plus they look so great!
  13. i just bought a blk buenaventura messenger bag for my DH today and will post a pic of it tomorrow once i'm home from vegas. it's very stylish & discreet without being bulky!
  14. Thank you so much! I'm looking to find something in black cause that's what is severely lacking in my collection, and I'm looking to move into labels that are more discreet. Don't get me wrong, I still LVOE :graucho: Louis Vuitton, but I'm more into their Utah line now. But again thanks and I can't WAIT to see pics. Could you also please post a pic of it in this thread please?