Any suggestions for Lip Tint / Lip Stains?

  1. First off, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I used Benefit Benetint for the 1st time last night and LOVED it! It didn't work well on my cheeks but it worked so great on my lips! I am so surprised, I never thought about using lip tints/stains before.

    Do any of you have any suggestions for other brands that are comparable or better? I would like to try out some different colors.

    It's so nice to have perfectly rosey lips without the feel of lipstick, this stuff is awesome!:tup:

    TIA :smile:
  2. I love MAC tinted lipglass. $14
    It's not sticky, has a subtle hint of color, and it really does make your lips look glassy and it has high pigmentation.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of lipglass, it makes me lips dry and never stays on well...thanks for the suggestion tho :smile:
  4. i used to use a lip stain from the body shop... and i've heard that the ones by urban decay are pretty good.
  5. Try Stila Cosmetics' Lip Rouge. Comes in a pen-like applicator. I love it better than Benetint since it doesn't risk spilling all over since Benetint comes in a glass jar like nail polish--even the portable one with the gloss on the other end has to be carried in the plastic bag it comes with. With the Stila one I don't have that worry.
  6. Laura Mercier has several different lip stain colours. My fave so far is called Mulberry, you might want to check them out!
  7. i love the laura mercier lip stains as well.
  8. I've only tried Stila lip stain, it's alright :flowers:
  9. I also use the laura mercier lip stain in Scarlet and I like it because I can play with intensity of the color.
  10. I love Vincent Longo.
    Been using it for years w/o a problem.
    Benetint - bad, imo.
  11. Lip Tinte's Raspberry Jam. Tasty too!
  12. I like Hard Candy and Urban Decay lip stains. You can get them at Sephora. I usually put a gloss or lip stick over them, just for fun.
  13. I second this
  14. Prada Shielding Balms.
  15. The only problem I had with Benetint was the smell. It was too heavily rose-scented, I thought.