any suggestions for leather messenger?

  1. with so many sales coming around, i was thinking i should get my boyfriend's christmas gift early, and i've decided to get him a leather messenger. unfortunately, i'm on a low budget (from food and shopping- the pleasures to life)- so my range is only up to about 150 (maybe after some on-going sales?). if he finds that i spend any more on a bag for him, he'll freakout because he's not on-board with the high-priced bags. i'm trying to find a messenger that is pretty plain, but with clean cuts. i know this can get challenging, but i know TPF won't let me down, right? please help me!
  2. ooo, they look really nice. thank you, passerby! any more suggestions? :idea:
  3. try a Coach outlet, perhaps?

    this isn't leather and at 198, it's a bit over your price range, but if you or your bf is a fan of the OC, I like the TJ Weekender
  4. thanks, uhkiwi, i do like the look of the messenger, but i'd prefer to get something that's thinner. if that came in a really small size, i would love to get it for myself... or is that a man's bag? :shame:
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