Any suggestions for December purchase while in Oahu HI?


Oct 3, 2006
Ladies I need your expertise!
I'm currently in Oahu Waikiki and thinking about purchasing a Chanel since sales tax rate is lower here. I was leaning toward Reissue 227 Dark Silver. Would this be too late to purchase the reissue now? I personally love large bags and was thinking about shopper(not the classic one). Can't decide!

I have:
Classic tote
Classic patent large with silver chain(goat skin)

Please suggest the type of bag & SA as well. If you could be kind enough to include the pic & price , will appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!!


Nov 13, 2007
cutebobo - just thought i would let you know.. hawaii sales tax is cheaper at 4% but the prices of their bags are higher.. they're priced according to the pacific region.. so closer in price i think to asia.. if not the same price. i live in san francisco and our tax here is almost 10% i have girlfriend that lives in hawaii... tho our tax is nearly 10% she still prefers to buy her bags when she comes to visit in sf because it works out cheaper.. just a thought!!!