any suggestions for bag with compartments - need help organizing!!

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  1. i have a tendency to throw a lot of stuff randomly into my everyday bags, and then i spend forever digging for wallet/cell phone/etc... i was thinking it would make sense for my next bag purchase to have a couple of compartments (not just side pockets) where i can divide things up, ie wallet/phone/work stuff on one side and gym clothes/other types of stuff on the other. i'm usually a chanel girl, but i'm thinking of branching out for this particular bag. does anyone have any suggestions for jimmy choo bags that might fit this bill? TIA!
    (PS I may make similar post in other designer forums, so i apologize for any repetitiveness in advance!!)
  2. I dont have any specific recommendations on bags at the time because most of my faves are totes, hobos, etc. however, have you considered a purse organizer? I cant remember what they are called exactly, but its a flexible compartmentalized thing that you can put most sizes of bags. Looks like they keep things really organized.

    I have a problem finding keys when I throw them in my bags, but everything else I keep in its own organizer like cosmetic bag, wallet, wristlet, interior compartments, etc.
  3. My suggestion is to get a large Chameleon insert (Google it) and a Ramona.
  4. great idea, thank you! i had never heard of a bag insert before, but it sounds perfect for me.
  5. The Radiant has a zippered compartment down the center so there are actually main compartments in addition to interior pockets.:graucho:
  6. Hmm now it will be on the wrong forum but I would recommend a Chloe Bay bag. I dont know if they still make them though.