Any suggestions for an LV hobo???

  1. Hey ladies, I'm usually surfing the chanel forum but I've decided to come back to my first love..LV :p

    I'm looking for a monogram hobo bag, but I've never seen any from LV so I don't even know if it exists!! I think the perfect bag for me right now would be a hobo styled bag from the mini lin collection. Any ideas??? TIA! :heart:
  2. the Onatah is a hobo...comes in 3 sizes..

    the PM:

    the leather pochette:

    and the GM:

    hope this helps! :smile:
  3. Tulum is a classic Monogram hobo bag.
  4. tulum gm:
    tulum pm:
  5. The Croissant line, you can still find some on eBay :yes: authentic lvlady had a GM a few days ago ;) The Tulum GM is cute too!
  6. thanks everyone! I really like the Onatah bags!! However, I'm looking for a fabric material instead of leather..I'll keep on looking ;)
  7. Yes, the Tulum is a more structured version of a hobo.
  8. Did the PM only come in suede?
  9. Denim Baggy pm! It fits nicely on the shoulder too...
  10. tulum is what i can think of in the monogram line which is avail. at the boutique now. my favorite all time LV hobo is still the Croissant GM!!
  11. i think so, but someone can correct me on that.

  12. I'm liking the Tulum PM.. or maybe you can get your hands on a Croissant??
  13. i'd go with the onatah, whichever size. they're so gorgeous!
  14. How with Onatah, Baggy Fuschia/Lichen ( if you'll be able to find in these color, it's ok ;) ) or MC White Boulogne?