Any suggestions for an Every Day Bag

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  1. Thanks.
  2. Depends what your lifestyle is like, I like Cabas or jumbo flap myself
  3. If you carry a lot of stuff then the GST is great, but if not try the PST...Both are structured bags and it is easy to organize them.
  4. I know alot of people are going to suggest flaps and GST/PSTs, but I absolutely love one of my vintage pieces for everyday use. It has a zip top which I leave open so I can grab stuff when I need it, but can still close so things don't spill out in the car. It is big enough to carry everything I need. It has a drop that's perfect to grab things out of while walking, and it has a flap section on the front for smaller items. It's also caviar leather so it's worry free. I've seen similar ones come up on eBay quite frequently. It's just something different so I thought I'd mention it.
    erin's stuff 053.jpg
  5. I agree lifestyle plays a role in the choosing. Tell us more about you. Have you tried any styles on yet? Flaps are timeless choices but there are totes as well. More info, please :smile:
  6. I'd suggest a jumbo caviar or GST for a more classy look or a cabas for a trendy one!:yes:
  7. Most of my clothes are casual. (even my work clothing).

    here is me on vacation. (i wear those black pants to work too!)

  8. I suggest a cabas :smile:
  9. my everyday require a BIG bag so it happens to be my original cabas.
  10. I suggest the cabas for you too!
  11. [​IMG]

    :nuts: What is the name of this vintage Chanel????

    Oh- and I'd suggest this bag or a Diamond stitch tote in black or brown.
  12. do you like structured or slouchy? GST or Hobo are my choices depends on what mood & wardrobe:jammin:
    S4300258.JPG Chanel Hobo empty.JPG
  13. i suggest a cabas, melrose gradient tote, or a modern chain tote. good luck in finding the right bag!
  14. Thanks everyone.
  15. My 1st choice is cabas. (don't know if I can still find one)
    I left my number with my SA, she said she'll call me back.

    I asked about the new modern chain tote. But they don't have any yet...